We want to build

a strong Czech brand​



To create a courageous story of Czech whisky that will make people from all corners of the world enjoy its extraordinary taste.


We want to build a strong Czech brand that will settle among the world's top whisky makers.

Our Values

We are committed to the fundamental values that shape and support the way we think and work every day. They are crucial to our future success.


We are from a small country, but it's still the land of such great men and women as Antonín Dvořák, Milada Horákova, Emil Zátopek, Otto Wichterle, Jaromír Jágr, and many others. Their stories inspire us in our desire not to remain small but to prove to everyone that “there are no small roles” in the world of whisky. We want to achieve that together with our consumers, customers, partners and investors. The main force that drives our world forward is the courage to change something.


Everything we produce is quality oriented - from raw material selection to all the other processes. This is the only way to create something exclusive. We always act with the best conscience within the limits of all laws, but also beyond them. We are decent people.


We have a natural curiosity, we listen to the best and learn from the history, but we also do it our way. We do it differently. We want to amaze in all aspects and we do it zealously. We do not make unnecessary compromises. This may not always be easy.


We believe in our people and the power of working together. 1 + 1 > 2. We look for the partners, we appreciate them and we want all of them to benefit from our partnership.


It is the craftsmanship of the “golden Czech hands” based on total commitment of the heart that gives us such self-confidence. The human touch is expressed in the  extraordinary taste of our “aqua vitae”.


Some things just can not be hurried. We do not need to have everything done instantly. To keep our feet firmly on the ground, we can honestly admit that we still have a lot to learn - patience, our craft, but also how to maintain the high quality of everything we do for decades. We look up with great respect at those who have helped us to live our story.


Everything we produce is quality oriented. This is the only way to create something exclusive.