WE create a courageous story of Czech whisky

our story


Around 2007, a plan to open a whisky bar was born in the historic center of Třebíč town listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage. “Why should I have whisky imported? A finest Czech whisky crafted in the Highlands would be unique”, thought the founder and current Master Distiller, Tomáš Dyntar. The team gradually expanded by other craft men and bold managers – we experiment and learn together. In 2014, the company is officially born under the brand name TREBITSCH old town distillery and legal entity Česká Whisky Ltd.. We chose from the local ingredients of the highest quality, closed the first barrels and the maturation has begun. Everything has been done without compromises on quality.


So far, we are the first and only company in Bohemia that specializes in whisky making. We got trademarks, our offer is expanding and great opportunities are ahead of us. In order to increase production and warehouse capacity, we invested in the nearby baroque distillery in Šebkovice that has been operating since 1894. More and more casks are being stored.


In 2017, something extraordinary happened. The three-year-old TREBITSCH Czech Single Malt Whisky® became extremely successful among the consumers. We always sell out within a few days and then more orders accumulate. We have also recently traveled around the world with our whisky, received many fine responses on the taste and gained valuable business opportunities. Up to now, what a great reward for our efforts.


In 2018, after recognizing the global potential we transformed the company into a holding structure.You can find us at more and more places – in bars, hotels, restaurants, specialized stores or festivals. In the Czech Republic, we have entered the largest HORECA wholesale MAKRO distribution chain. We are now preparing to open our own bar in Třebíč and later in the center of Prague. With the quality and taste, we want to be considered as one of the best tasting whiskies in the world. That requires determination and patience. Our plans are bold but built on solid basis. Everyone in the team is convinced we are capable of overcoming future challenges of any kind.


We want to build a strong Czech brand that will settle among the world's top whisky makers.